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Ground Support Equipement (GSE)
We do a lot of activities on GSE. From small pallet trailers to large Loaders. From scrap we make new again! We do this work for years for customers in the Netherlands and clients from abroad. Some GSE projects even come all the way from Prague to be restored by us in the Netherlands. We offer our skills and services in terms of price and performance ratio the best. We can blasting, spraying and metal processing. The technical on the GSE we can check for you and replace parts if necessary or modify. Complete engine overhaul and the hydraulics. We can provide it all. For the refurbishment of the control booth, you can also contact us. broken banks we can clothe again. And we let dull dashboards shine again. Replacing Floor coverings or you may want have tread plate processed in the cabin. All no problem.

JAP Pallet trailer   JAP Loader 1   JAP Loader 2

Transport GSE
We can if you want to organize transport for you on the road. This is applicable only when we ourselves have also work on the GSE project. We are in the Netherlands and the advantage for the Export of GSE to other countries is that we have a large harbor in Rotterdam, and also it is not far from Antwerp.

JAP transport   JAP transport 2   JAP transport 1

Parts / materials GSE
In the area of ​​parts and materials we have in the Netherlands a great offer. Everything is to be delivered and for the best price-quality ratio. Tires, engines or parts no matter how large. Also plastic materials.

JAP Carpet   JAP Tread plate   JAP Carpet 2

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