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We can really offer almost everything in the field of engineering. With well over 20 years of experience and knowledge, we have respect for both large companies and small privately. Al it is one small children’s bicycle or a large vessel of 20 meters, it is not a problem for us at all. Most of what we do for foreign companies is full restoration of airport equipment. As Container Loaders, Lifts, Cranes, EngineCradles, Pallet loaders, De-ysers, Everything. Complete engine overhaul. We will make it look good as new! We are in terms of rates seen certainly not the most expensive and in terms of price and performance ratio the best. For pictures of these project’s see the photo album down

JAP De-yser   18082011426   261120131617

Our motto is: If you want a rocket to the moon, if you have the budget, we can make it! 

Sandblasting / Spraying / Filling / Sanding / make it look tight / Buckling

Full restoration of cars, vintage cars, boats, cranes, machine etc

MOT welding on your car. Mig / Tig welding stainless steel and aluminum whole structures, fences and ships customized.

We also do a lot of water sports activities such as polyester or carpentry work and engine overhaul.

At your location
At the location of the project it is also possible to perform certain work , whereby transport is an expensive factor. Think of a large crane, a large ship, machine etc. Blasting with water spray or with our special airless equipment we can even spray a project without fog. Facades of commercial buildings redecorating we do also.

JAP LOADER   JAP Krinloop 2   JAP Kraan

Organizing transport of large objects we can. There’s really nothing impossible when something from A should be moved to B. Only this transport organizing only apply when it comes to a project where we have our own work with it.

Do you have a object? And you want a quote? Call JAP +31 (0) 642 000 754

Or send an email message to jap-x@hotmail.com

Or come along once by appointment, because with many projects on other location, we are not always present. We also do not have regular times where open. It may happen that there is no equivalent word response to your phone call because we work night shifts, so please send us then an email or a text message.

Our address:
Drechsberg 3
2215 SE Voorhout


Have you always wanted something special? As a fighter in the backyard? Or an empty rocket case with a large wick that it appears as a large firecracker. Or do you have something spacial needed on the movie set. Or a helicopter for an exercise for the firefighters that is looks like a real helicopter crash. Or amphibious vehicles? You can name it, mention or invent, call us and we will arrange it.

JAP straaljager heli 1   JAP straaljager heli